Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Hello there!

I guess a welcome is in order, if anyone actually reads this!

My name is REDACTED. However for your purposes, my name is NoiseGirl. I'm a student at the University of Derby, final year of Sound Light and Live Event Technology BSc(Hons)

Yes, they DO let people do that for a degree!

I'm not going for a degree in that field however, I'm hopefully joining the 2012 entry to Sheffield Hallam University for their Paramedic Practice HE(Dip) course with the aim of, unsurprisingly, of becoming a paramedic.

I also work on the Halls of Residence, as a "Residential Assistant". Our role is to fill the gap between hall managers finishing at 1800 to security coming on duty at 2100 and being on call overnight to deal with any issues security can't handle (like welfare calls)

This blog is primarily going to be a dumping ground for halls related stuff and my search to become a paramedic. As a result of this, confidentiality rules supreme, details will be changed. Names, locations, finer points of incidents will not be as they are in the real world. Hopefully they'll still make for good reading for you and be a place where I can store and collect my thoughts on the curveballs life and the job throws at me. The views expressed herein are my own and not those of my employers.

The nickname YellowBox was given to me by a friend years ago, I broke my left distal radus and schaphoid after tripping up on a BRIGHT YELLOW BOX in the middle of a clean and tidy room, caught my thumb in the door handle and my bodyweight fell onto it... 5 years later the nickname has still stuck, now with my friends reminding me that sharps boxes are bright yellow...

Doomed. Doomed I tell you!


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